Russel throws a soda from the balcony of his house to his friend Jones in the pool. If the soda is released 20 feet from the ground, and is thrown with a downward velocity of 2 ft/s, how long till the soda hits the pool, ignoring air resitance? Use the formula , where h is the height of the soda in feet and t is the time in seconds since Russel threw it. Round your answer to the nearest tenth.A.0.5 secondsB.0.8 secondsC.1.1 secondD.1.6 seconds

Accepted Solution

Using the formula S = ut +1/2at²
S=h= 20ft, u = 2ft/s, and a = 10m/s²
Thus; 20 =2t + 20t²
Therefore; 20t²+2t-20=0
Solving the equation quadratically for the value of t,
we get; t = 1.057 or t=-1.182
But t can not be negative,
 Therefore, t= 1.1 seconds (to the nearest tenth)